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Molded foam in the automotive industry – durable components made of lightweight material

17 December 2021

Molded foam is a material that presents many advantages important from the perspective of companies specializing in the production of automotive parts and vehicles. Why should you choose high-quality molded foam products?

Automotive molded foam products

Molded foam, usually made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) or polystyrene (EPS), is widely used in the automotive industry. Foam molds can take on a variety of shapes, making it easy to prepare products with complex designs. As a result, the use of molded foam in the automotive sector offers significantly more possibilities than manufacturing components from traditional materials.

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What is more, the components and parts made of foam are characterized by low weight, thanks to which they have a positive impact on the vehicle's performance. At the same time, such elements meet all the rigorous standards required in the automotive industry –  molded foam and elements made of it are completely safe. Another advantage of this material is its high resistance to adverse external factors, resulting in longer service life of the components.

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Foam elements in the automotive industry

The automotive sector uses various types of molded foam products. This type of material is currently used to create subcomponents as well as parts related to passenger safety. Molded foam automotive parts can include, but are not limited to:

This is just a fraction of the long list of applications for which molded polypropylene or polystyrene foam is used. It is also used for seat parts and other components in vehicle interiors, among others, and can be used in other industries as well.

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Custom molded foam products

Many cases involve parts that have some degree of custom design – molded foam is a great material for producing parts that are perfectly tailored to the needs of a specific vehicle. Modern manufacturing technologies, such as expanded foam molding, make it possible to create diverse parts with the desired specifications.

EPP and EPS foam in the automotive industry – modern automotive components

Polypropylene foam (EPP), exhibits numerous properties that are beneficial in the context of manufacturing automotive parts. Foam made from this material is resistant to high temperatures as well as provides for great shock and impact absorption. EPP foam components are able to return to their original shape even when subjected to considerable strain – which is why the use of such parts proves extremely practical for the automotive industry.

EPP and EPS foam car parts can be molded according to needs of car manufacturers. Modern production technology makes it possible to create precisely manufactured parts of almost any shape. Such processes are possible thanks to the use of innovative machines and the experience of experts in the plastics processing industry.

Advantages of molded foam products

The popularity and widespread use of molded foam is due in part to its great cost-effectiveness for automotive parts manufacturers. Components that were traditionally made of metal or heavy, rigid plastics are now being replaced by lighter foam counterparts that offer more options. One of the benefits of using such solutions is the reduced fuel consumption – a result of the reduced vehicle weight that comes with using a lightweight material. Moreover, molded foam components increase the safety of passengers in the event of a collision and other traffic accidents. As a result, components of this type are now an important part of passenger protection systems in modern cars.

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Cooperation with the company producing molded foam elements

Molded foam allows not only to increase the safety of passengers, but also to reduce the operating costs of vehicles using this type of parts. When establishing cooperation with a supplier of elements made of this material, it is worth paying attention primarily to experience and professionalism. Foam molding processes require high precision, which is possible to achieve only with the use of modern technologies. The know-how of the experts who are responsible for the production process is no less important. Therefore, it is worth choosing partners with access to appropriate tools and knowledge, thanks to which the manufactured automotive parts made of EPP and EPS foam will meet the set requirements.

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Choose quality – trust the Knauf Industries products

Making foam components involves attending to many variables that can affect the final functionality and appearance of the components produced. Knauf Industries' experts provide both the highest standard of manufacturing processes as well as consultation in selecting the appropriate manufacturing methods for the foam components ordered. 

The range of services also includes the assembly of components or production and processing of plastic parts. The high level of specialist knowledge and the use of innovative technologies make the company's products an ideal choice for the automotive industry.

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