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Today Knauf is an international group of companies

Complementing its success in the construction market Knauf Group has continued its development in the plastics business under the brand name KNAUF Industries.

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Production of automotive components in Wroclaw - Knauf Automotive


In Knauf Industries we provide numerous automotive component solutions from plastics

Our Expanded Polypropylene and Expanded Polystyrene automotive components are manufactured to the strictest tolerances and meet the highest standards within the industry.

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EPP and EPS Components - Knauf for automotive


Over thirty years of experience in plastics processing 

Knauf Industries, a renowned industrial solutions supplier offers a unique combination of know-how in plastics moulding technologies for clients in the automobile industry worldwide.

Our research and development facilities, design offices and our practiced sales team provide us with expertise that allows us to offer a full range of plastics based automotive solutions.

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Knauf Industries operates out of 42 sites in Europe, North Africa and South America

All of our plants either already provide parts and packaging for the most renowned automotive companies or can be easily adapted for this purpose.

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Our Clients

For the last 20 years now we’ve been supplying our automotive solutions to many of the biggest OEM’s and Tier 1’s in the world

  • Abrera - Automotive industry
  • ADIENT - Automotive industry
  • Adler - Automotive industry
  • Audi - Automotive industry
  • Auria - Automotive industry
  • Autoneum - Automotive industry
  • CIE Automotive - Automotive industry
  • Coplac - Automotive industry
  • Dacia - Automotive industry
  • Faurecia - Automotive industry
  • Flexngate - Automotive industry
  • Harman - Automotive industry
  • HPE - Automotive industry
  • Hyundai - Automotive industry
  • Mercedes Benz - Automotive industry
  • Nissan - Automotive industry
  • Nissho - Automotive industry
  • PSA - Automotive industry
  • Renault - Automotive industry
  • Seat - Automotive industry
  • Seoyon - Automotive industry
  • SMRC - Automotive industry
  • SRG Global - Automotive industry
  • Toyota - Automotive industry
  • VW Navarra - Automotive industry


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