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Coordination of injection mold manufacturing process

Injection molding is an extremely effective technique for manufacturing automotive parts. Plastic components produced by this technology are lightweight and strong, so their use reduces the weight of the vehicle. We invite you to learn more about our specialized support in coordinating the production of injection molds necessary for injection molded components.


From design to finished product 

One of Knauf Automotive's most important tasks is to provide comprehensive customer service at every stage of automotive parts production. To illustrate the process and highlight the added value of using our know-how, here is a sample overview of the stages of the implementation process. This is the process of manufacturing an automotive part – from the injection mold design stage, to the mass production stage.


Throughout the process of designing and manufacturing injection molds, our experts offer their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as years of experience. We can effectively optimize an injection mold tailored to the customer's needs. Our support also includes the actual production of the finished product. See what the various stages of cooperation look like. 

1. Feasibility study – technical support and optimization of project implementation costs 

We start the process with a feasibility study – based on our knowledge, we will assess whether the solution is economically and technically viable. We also pay attention to the process capabilities and requirements of the components in question, checking whether they need changes for efficient and economically viable production. 

Conducting a feasibility study allows us to optimize production, as well as effectively meet specific customer expectations. 


2. Detailed technical analysis of the components and the injection process 

In the next step, we prepare technical recommendations for the parameters of injection molded parts. Knauf Automotive's technology team then determines the most desirable mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of the materials. The aesthetic aspect is also important – often plastic parts are a key element of the design. At this stage, depending on the customer's needs, the most suitable material is selected

The subject of surface finishing and the use of special technologies (2K molding technology, IML, IMD, gas-assisted) is also discussed. The aesthetics of injection molded parts is an extremely complex issue. 

Our specialty is production optimization. We know how to design injection molding tools, so we can recommend the best part shape solution to our customers and select the right technology even for advanced mold production. 

We are well aware of the importance of combining functionality and low production costs with aesthetics (this is a key issue for us). 


3. Injection mold design guidelines

The final design of the injection mold and its components is the result of in-depth analysis and communication, taking into account previous experience. Proper planning of the manufacturing process is crucial – the mold must be designed in such a way that the target part fulfills its aesthetic function. 

Before deciding to transfer the mold design to the toolroom, we are able to create a suitable prototype on 3D printers. This gives even more confidence that the solution will achieve perfect consistency with the design, and the result, i.e., the manufactured part, is one hundred percent in line with the customer's expectations. If a plastic part needs to be redesigned, this is done by Knauf Automotive or an external entity. 

The process uses Siemens NX and CATIA software. 


4. Coordination of injection mold manufacturing process 

Once a satisfactory design has been created, we provide customer support in making the injection mold. Knauf Automotive cooperates with a number of tool manufacturers – in Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Asia. These are high-end injection mold manufacturers, selected by experts from our company. To guarantee the highest quality, each tool shop is regularly audited. We can also work with a manufacturer of your choice. When you decide to cooperate with a tool shop recommended by our company, you can expect: 

  • a significant reduction in production risk, 
  • short time to market, 
  • high quality of the final product.

Working with Chinese toolmakers gives us access to high-end technology at low implementation costs. Our role is to make sure that the solutions developed in the Far East fully meet the production requirements and expectations of our customers. 


5. Quality testing and mold maintenance 

The final step is to make any adjustments to the mold. We also conduct an inspection of the manufactured tools. The molds are then sent to Knauf Industries' target factory, where another inspection takes place. Here we can combine the injection molded parts with other components and set the appropriate surface decoration on the product. Knauf Automotive can also take care of the maintenance and servicing of the molds, ensuring that the outcome of the manufacturing process is of the highest quality. 



Designing and manufacturing injection molds is a process that requires constant technical supervision. The substantive support of the know-how of Knauf Automotive engineers provides a huge advantage. The involvement of people with extensive knowledge in this area and ongoing supervision at many stages of production leads to the minimization of defects. We care about getting the product to the customer – that's why we use optimization of both technical parameters and the technologies used, as well as the supply chain. At the same time, we guarantee 100% compliance of the solution with its application

The use of Moldflow software allows us to create high-quality simulations before we decide to apply the solutions in reality. What's more, if you're not sure about a given solution in a wide range of copies, we prepare molds made by one of the following technological processes: CNC milling and 3D printing

The ability to test the mold in advance under real-world conditions and the use of a consistent interface on the part of Knauf Automotive and the selected tooling shop ensures that our customers are not at risk of mismatching a component with the final design. 

Download case study of cooperation in one-stop-shop model


Customer satisfaction is the most important added value of overseeing the injection mold design and manufacturing process. This is a top priority that we fulfill taking into account customer requirements and economic goals. 

All solutions meet specific quality standards and are delivered within a strict deadline. 

Choose to cooperate with Knauf Automotive – this is a guarantee of first-class expert solutions. The number of tools developed by us is constantly growing, which proves the trust our customers have in us and the value of our technical department.

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