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Knauf Industries
Expertise in plastic processing

Plastics molding technology has been the core business of Knauf Industries ever since its creation.



Over thirty years of experience coupled with state-of-the-art production facilities, global presence and financial strength allow us to consider ourselves as experts in the expanded foam molding industry. Knauf Industries, also a renowned injection molder offers a unique combination of know-how in plastics molding technologies for clients in the automobile industry worldwide.

Our research and development facilities, design offices and our technically skilled sales team provide us with expertise that allows us to offer a full range of plastics based automotive solutions.

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) / Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) processing


Plastics molding technology has been a Knauf Industries core business ever since its creation. Our expertise in EPP and EPS helped us to develop our unique offering for the automotive industry where these materials have gained a strong foothold. Our 35 EPP/EPS processing plants are strategically located to best serve the supply chains of our most demanding international customers.

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) / Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) processing

The industrial expertise, molding know-how and market experience are crucial for solutions development of foam products on the automotive market. Our teams work closely with clients to evaluate their needs and define technical requirements for expanded foam products that meet their expectations. After thorough analysis and close communication with our customers, we work on custom-designed foam solutions or design to cost solutions, ensuring through our recommendations the suitable material choice and specifications for meeting quality and functional targets of the parts. Our Program Management System is bringing to OEMs and Tier-1 clients engineering support during all products’ life, i.e. from project advanced phase till end of supply of products, including hence design, development, and industrialization of parts with possible added-value operations.

Plastic injection for automotive


In our Polish plant in Wrocław we manufacture plastic parts by thermoplastic injection molding for the automotive industry. Robust injection molding technology stemming from our foundations in the home appliance industry has enabled us to start production of EXTERIOR and INTERIOR car parts for Tier-1 suppliers in 2012.

Plastic injection molding technology for automotive

The machine park installed in the Wrocław plant has 17 machines (from 40T to 2000T). All presses are equipped with SEPRO manipulators. On selected machines we have ABB six-axis robots, which can be used to perform difficult operations directly on the  machine such as: ingot cutting, gradation, and flame cutting (PP surface activation)

At present our service covers the full range of design works:

  • Full simulation of processes (FS, DFM, Mold Flows) based on CAD model
  • Development and coordination of tool implementation (Europe, Asia)
  • Coordination of texturing (Standex, Mold Tech)
  • Testing, measuring reports
  • Full reporting by PPAP or VDA
  • Production and service of molds

In addition to conventional injection, we perform additional operations directly at the machine. Their scope includes: assembly of soundproofing elements, clips, hooks, ultrasonic welding and others. Injection molded parts for automotive have become the flagship product of the Polish Knauf Industries factory.


If you seek an innovative plastic parts supplier,
you are in the right place!

In Knauf Industries we constantly test and develop new technologies in plastics molding to enable our clients the access to fully proof-checked, cutting-edge solutions.

Knauf ID lab
Welcome to our new initiative - the ID Lab. Together with our top product and technology development experts, we have created a new space dedicated to innovation and development of cutting-edge technologies. Our main goal is to help our clients preserve their leading position in the competitive automotive market.

Materials for foam and injection molding

With our processing equipment, we are able to process a variety of foam materials as well as all known co-polymers.

We manufacture our automotive packaging and components using a variety of expanded foam materials including expanded polypropylene (EPP) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other special co-polymers used for Lost Foam casting process. For the production of injection molded automotive components we efficiently process: PC, PS, ABS, PC/ABS,PP/EPDM, PA6 GF30, PP GF30,PP+T and many more.  

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Quality in plastics processing for automotive

Quality Certification Systems

Our 42 manufacturing facilities are accredited to a number of different certifications relating to the Environment, Quality Management and Health & Safety. By obtaining and maintaining these industry leading certifications we guarantee to our customers that our products and processes are in full compliance with international and national regulations and standards.

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