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What does the car factory of the future look like?

20 August 2020

The challenges of Smart Manufacturing apply to all leaders in the automotive sector who want to continue to set new trends, reach out to a wider audience and implement solutions that improve efficiency while reducing costs. Without Industry 4.0 in the supply chain, one can forget about achieving these goals. For this reason, it is necessary to opt for new, excellently developed production lines and Smart Factories.

Effectiveness, efficiency, innovation – a new definition of a factory system

Despite historical doubts (the Third Industrial Revolution is still officially underway), Industry 4.0 is already in operation and waiting to take advantage of its opportunities. A Smart Factory in 2020 no longer surprises anyone. This is often a necessary solution in our national supply chain. Solutions such as IoT, widespread automation of production or possible preparation for the implementation of 5G communication are just some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. These are not exotic, imaginary problems of extremely progressive Far Eastern economies or one of the myths that shape markets in the USA. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening right here in Europe. Examples of Smart Manufacturing in the automotive industry could be enumerated for a very long time. The key issue for companies in the 21st century is to meet environmental standards, and a modern manufacturing system makes this much easier. Industry 4.0 allows us to design solutions that work perfectly with our products, reduce "time to market" and take a much better, more meticulous approach to the modern consumer.

Unique solutions in the implementation of a Smart Factory

There are many issues to be addressed in order to integrate intelligent production of automotive components. It does not merely come down to the right machine equipment. Even in the previous era – the industry of The Third Revolution – the right infrastructure was key. Nowadays, automated technology, personnel and innovation are required. New solutions are also becoming increasingly important. Many people wonder how Smart Manufacturing will benefit from 5G technology. For the time being, there is no definite answer and no one can fully predict it. However, it is certain that such technology will redefine the solutions of the Internet of Things and improve design and communication possibilities.

When implementing smart manufacturing solutions, one should remember about an adapted supply chain.
When implementing smart manufacturing solutions, one should remember about an adapted supply chain.

Smart Manufacturing solutions are basically a minefield. They need to be implemented to remain competitive and avoid problems with the supply chain. On the other hand, it is not always clear which direction to take and which solutions to target. Perhaps in such a situation, it is worth considering an appropriate partner who is familiar with these issues and has the courage to implement Smart Factory solutions in supply chain. Every car factory deserves innovation.

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Knauf Industries – a trusted partner in Smart Manufacturing

When it comes to Smart Manufacturing, Knauf Industries Automotive is ready. We try to implement successful solutions as soon as possible, especially if they improve the competitiveness of our partners in the market.

We focus on adapting to the needs of our customers and supporting them in manufacturing of automotive plastic injection molding parts and implementing their project objectives. In Smart Factories, the humans work in the communication and expertise sector. We know that by combining the capabilities of modern robots, 3D technology (eg. 3D printers and scanners) and new communication channels, we will provide the best possible solutions. Therefore, we focus on comprehensive cooperation, which applies to each stage of a given project. We are truly committed to transforming the complex processes of today's Smart Manufacturing into a simple, customer-friendly procedure. Our solutions ensure that any negative impact of complicated technical issues is minimized – we offer modern production lines, the flexibility to adapt to new standards, the digitalization of logistics processes, human resources management through RFID and the readiness to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. We draw on the expertise of our research & development centre – IDLab® on an ongoing basis and monitor the latest trends and solutions.

To sum up, we are constantly looking to the future. In the coming years, the prevalence of intelligent factories in the automotive sector will change, and even more interesting technologies will be implemented. You can already see this today. The 5G revolution is on the horizon, while many other production lines are still based on old standards and are nothing like the car factories of the future. It is worth it to prepare for the upcoming changes in the industry and implement new, innovative solutions as soon as possible.


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