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Will electric motorcycles replace internal combustion equivalents?

21 May 2023

 The share of electric vehicles in the European market is steadily growing. However, it is worth noting that this category includes not only cars, but also motorcycles. Every year more and more electric-powered motorcycles appear – it is worth learning more about their types, parameters and advantages. 

Development of electromobility in EUROPE 

Recently, one can observe a rather dynamic development of electromobility in Europe and around the world. This is a very positive trend, which is aimed primarily at stopping or slowing down the rapidly progressing climate change. The shift to electric motors is also partly enforced by new regulations, which require reducing emissions. However, this part of the automotive sector still has many challenges ahead – currently, manufacturers are mainly working on extending battery life and increasing vehicle range. In addition to improving existing solutions, new ideas are increasingly being implemented. These include electric motorcycles, which will perhaps eliminate combustion models in the near future. In addition to environmental benefits, they also have a lot to offer their users. 

Types of electric motorcycles 

Although the sight of motorcycles with a green license plate on European roads is far from being a standard, more and more electric motorcycles are hitting the streets every year. Importantly, the newly emerging models are characterized by really good parameters, so that they can already not only compete with combustion motorcycles, but also surpass them in many respects. 

The most popular models of electric motorcycles that are already widely available for sale are sportbikes, enduro, naked and cruisers. The former are designed with parameters such as speed, acceleration and braking in mind, sometimes even at the expense of riding comfort or cost-effective operation. They are designed primarily for professional motorcyclists. Enduro motorcycles are used for motorcycle sport, which involves taking a specific route. Naked motorcycles are motorcycles that have the characteristics of sports motorcycles, but without fairings and a windshield. Their specific design allows them to efficiently negotiate corners at very high speeds. The last type is electric cruisers, which are motorcycles designed for tourism and covering long-distance routes. 

Electric motorcycles – key parameters 

The most important parameters of motorcycles mostly coincide with factors considered in the design of electric cars. Foremost among these are range, power and charging time. Currently available models are equipped with engines with power outputs as high as around 80 kW, while the range is mostly between 150 and 300 km. Importantly, the issue of charging is somewhat less problematic than in the case of electric cars – most electric motorcycles provide the possibility to remove the battery from the vehicle. As a result, you can easily charge the battery at home or at work, without the need to find a suitable charging station. 

Differences between internal combustion and electric motorcycle 

The main difference between a combustion and electric motorcycle is, of course, the type of propulsion system, which also entails a number of other important aspects. The most important of these is the absence of exhaust emissions, making such a solution much more environmentally friendly than with a standard model. In addition, compared to traditional versions, electric motorcycles are mostly easier to maintain – their construction is relatively simple, and there is no need for a specialized oil or cooling system. 

The driving characteristics of such models are also noteworthy. Electric motorcycles, in most cases, are characterized by very high torque, thanks to which they are able to achieve maximum power within the first few seconds of driving. They can therefore develop very high speeds much faster than in the case of internal combustion motorcycles, which is of crucial importance especially for professionals.  

The top speed itself, however, is generally lower than that of combustion models, although some allow you to accelerate even above 300 km/h. Finally, the price is also an important aspect. Although electric motorcycles are generally more expensive than their classic counterparts, the purchase of such a vehicle can pay for itself very quickly. This is due to the fact that e-motorcycles are much cheaper to operate.

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