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The vehicle as a way of expressing identity

18 October 2019

Designing of vehicles with care for the highest safety level

Statistically, a European spends 4 years and 1 month of life in a vehicle, on average.  This shocking fact was revealed in a study by Citröen Our Lives Inside Our Cars and highlights the growing significance of cars and how the function that they have performed in human life until now is changing. We can say that our car has become one of the things by which we express our identity: our vehicle defines us. 

Consequently, requirements concerning the purchase of a new vehicle have changed: we require greater safety and comfort, but also an aesthetic consistent with what we want to express: elegance or freedom, exclusivity, sports features, environmental balance, high level of technology, etc.

Manufacturers faced the challenge of designing cars whose design and functionality will not come at the cost of reduced safety.  This last factor is more and more decisive to purchases and has become a fundamental social need. According to data from the EC, over 25,000 people lost their lives in car accidents in Europe. The European Commission has taken action by legislating legal norms concerning technological safety solutions that will be mandatory starting from 2022, including smart cruise control, emergency braking systems, and alcohol meters making it impossible for an intoxicated person to start the car. 

SUVs – a growing trend 

El vehículo como expresión de identidad
Our car has become one of the things by which we express our identity: our vehicle defines us. 

One of the main trends in the automotive sector are SUVs – sports utility vehicles. Although they have been around for a while, our company has been manufacturing expanded polypropylene and polystyrene components for cars of this type for many years. The experts all agree – the demand for these vehicles will persist for a very long time.  According to data from JATO, a supplier of business intelligence solutions for the automotive industry, SUV made up 36,4% of the European market in 2018.

Why are SUVs in style? Because they accentuate social status, above all. These vehicles are up to 15% more expensive than classical limousines, but in contrast to limousines, they have a much larger trunk and better visibility. In turn, the appearance of SUVs is attractive, associated with a modern lifestyle, nature and a sporting style, which compensates for their lesser stability (due to their height).  All of the above features, along with the feeling of greater safety and versatility that comes with the vehicle's size, are reflected in our general perception of SUV owners.  Such a car emphasizes buying power, independence (as it can drive in the city and on rough terrain), and safety, and its attractive design is appealing as well.


The identity we express through our car goes beyond purely aesthetic aspects. Ownership of a hybrid or electric vehicle, or a vehicle with reduced emissions, puts our obligation to society out there for all to see and accentuates our awareness and engagement in the fight against climate change. Moreover, it shows economic status, since the prices of these vehicles are substantially higher than vehicles with a conventional drive. According to data of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the sale of electric cars in the European Union grew by 37,8% in the second quarter of 2019.   

Along with SUVs, they are a clear example of the current trend in the automotive industry and the fact that the car has become a part of how we express our identity. 

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