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Child's safety seats

Together with child car seats manufacturers, we are expanding the application of expanded polypropylene in designs for this industry. Excellent strength parameters make child safety seats made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) light, strong and resistant to high loads at the same time, thanks to the properties of this innovative automotive seat foam. They make little passengers safe during travel, since baby car seats absorb kinetic energy very well, without undergoing deformation even after repeated impacts. Child safety seats manufacturers who are already applying EPP foam in their child car seat designs conducted a series of tests that confirmed their high quality and safety. Knauf Industries Automotive is experienced manufacturer, Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of molded seats components for products like: child booster seats, baby and toddler car seats, anti - submarining, rear facing car seats and other models of child safety seats made from EPP material.

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